Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning General Information

Catalyst Sports Medicine has several training programs to take athletes to the peak of their performance. Each training session provides the athlete with an individually designed workout program, verbal and visual feedback, and positive motivation to inspire them physically and mentally.

Your athlete has the chance to be coached by certified sports performance coaches who have coached numerous elite and professional athletes, as well as collegiate national champions and All-Americans from NCAA Division I college programs in the Big 10, SEC, Big East, and Horizon League. Our coaches are continuously developing programs which are scientifically-based and focus on linear and lateral speed development, as well as proper running and deceleration mechanics to maximize speed, reduce injury, and increase agility.

Training programs for individuals and teams are available year-round to support your athlete in reaching their performance goals. This is a great way to compliment or supplement the strength and conditioning program at school for individuals that are looking to get to the next level.

Strength & Conditioning Programs

Sport Performance Training

Catalyst's premier program for taking athletes to their peak performance. Featuring intense sport specific sessions with our experienced staff of certified strength and conditioning coaches who bring NCAA Division I college experience from programs in the Big 10, SEC, Horizon League and Big East Conferences. Each athlete gets their own individualized program, specific to their needs and goals, with no more than 8 athletes working out at the same time.

As part of our Catalyst Sports Performance Training programs, each athlete, small group, or team will meet with one of our strength coaches to discuss individual and team needs and sport specific training dependent upon the individual goals of the athletes. With experience coaching at the collegiate level in the Big 10 Conference, Southeastern Conference, and Missouri Valley Conference, our coaches have the knowledge to provide training for a multitude of sport disciplines. Prior to training, athletes will be guided through a battery of tests to establish pre-program metrics that evaluate speed, power, strength, and mobility. Part of this testing will include developing a user profile on our Gymaware testing software to track performance over time. A sport specific program will be provided by our strength coaches for the duration of your training with us. At the end of each training session, athletes will be provided post-workout nutrition sponsored by Rockin' Refuel, a high quality protein beverage made with real milk.

Program Pricing (60 minute sessions):

  • Individual sessions $70/hour
  • Small Group (2-5 athletes) $22-$45/session per athlete
  • Team (6+ athletes) prices range from $8-$20/session per athlete

Youth Training

This 6 week (12 session) training group is built around preparing each athlete to perform better on their respective field of play. Proper sprinting and jumping mechanics, upper and lower body strength development, as well as trunk/core stability will be addressed to improve and promote the overall athlete.

Sessions will be one-hour in length and be held every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 5-6pm for ages 10-12 and from 6-7pm for ages 13-15. The start date for training is October 31st and will run through December 14th (there will be no training the week of Thanksgiving).

Youth Performance Training (Ages 10-15)

  • When: Tuesday and Thursday evening from 5:00-6:00 pm

Raider Elite

Raider Elite is Hudson High School's in-house strength and conditioning program that is staffed by Catalyst Sports Medicine's certified Strength and Conditioning coaches. The program is designed to prevent injuries, improve strength and power, and prepare athletes for their upcoming sports. Raider Elite Winter 2017-2018 starts November 27th 2016 and ends March 2nd 2018. Test in will be the week of November 13th. All athletes that are not in a fall sport are welcome from grades 9th-12th.

Times/Days for Raider Elite Winter 2017

  • When: Monday-Friday from 3:30-4:30 pm
  • Where: Hudson High School Weight Room
  • Cost: $70.00

Female Only Raider Elite

  • When: Monday-Friday from 5:30-6:30 pm
  • Where: Hudson High School Weight Room
  • Cost: $70.00

Bear Power & Pride

Bear Power is the strength and conditioning program for the athletes of White Bear Lake Area School District through the partnership of the athletic department and Catalyst Sports Medicine. A team of certified strength & conditioning coaches with collegiate Division I experience, design the program to teach proper techniques, prevent injuries, and gain strength & speed.

Dates and Times for Bear Power Pride:

Specifically, this is White Bear Lake student-athletes entering grades 9-12.

  • When: November 27th - March 9th
  • Where: South Campus Weight Room
  • Cost: $50.00