Industrial Medicine

Industrial Medicine Program

In addition to student athletes, we also work with businesses to ensure their "industrial athletes" are ergonomically and safe to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.

See the real cost of workplace injuries and how we can help.

Industrial Medicine Services

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations: A comprehensive test to determine the overall capacity for an employee. This test is generally requested by case managers, claims adjusters, or physicians. The goal is to determine an employee’s ability to return to work.
  • Work Conditioning: Programming designed to replicate an employee's job demands and prepare them physically for the return to active employment.
  • Industrial Ergonomics: Improving productivity and reducing injury through the practice of modifying work process, employee workstations, tools, equipment and employee education.
  • Office Ergonomics: Working with employees to reduce the likelihood of injury by improving workspace fit, teaching proper body mechanics, and modifying environmental factors.
  • On-site Intervention: A clinician hired to be on-site to work with industrial athletes for workplace related discomfort, workstation analysis, preventative stretching and strengthening and overall process assessment of highly physical jobs.
  • Pre-Employment, Post-Offer Employment Testing: Tests completed to assess a job applicant's ability to safely perform the duties required for a given position. Catalyst Sports Medicine can work with your company to create Pre-Work screens for existing job descriptions, or we can assist you in adding screens to your employment process.
To request more information or to schedule your free onsite assessment, call Industrial Medicine Specialist Mike Renfro at 715-386-1155, email or submit the form below.

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