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"I've been a client of Catalyst on many occasions to help rehabilitate numerous sports-related injuries and surgical repairs. I really appreciate the efforts of all the staff at Catalyst to not only help me return to play as soon as possible but also for making the whole experience very positive at a time that can often be very frustrating as you try to return from injury. Everyone I have worked with from the front desk to physical therapists to the clinic directors is courteous, professional and willing to go out of their way to help and making you feel welcome. "
Jan 23, 2017


Your professionalism, motivation, kindness and dedication to creating an effective program and environment for my total knee replacement recovery is greatly appreciated. You all should be proud in helping one with this process. You are the best of the best.

M. & J.P.

A Catalyst Sports Medicine success story: Being in my late 60's, I could see and feel that my body was not keeping up with my physical needs and interests. I have ridden horses competitively for many years but as I approached 70, I found that I had lost much of my strength and agility. Frankly, I was having difficulty mounting my horses and I needed to fix this as well as other strength related problems that were getting in the way of the many joys in my life.
Enough was enough! I made the decision to start working with Catalyst Sports Medicine and start their APEX performance training program. My typical workouts consist of 3 one-hour sessions per week, with a warm up and then the strength and conditioning sessions, and have been without pain or discomfort and I find them most enjoyable.
Everything anyone can say about being in good physical condition is true. Not only can I now mount my horses with ease, my current physical fitness level, in all likelihood, saved me from much greater injury when I came off a horse that got spooked during a storm during a cattle round-up in the Gila Mountain Wilderness of Western New Mexico this past summer. From the fall, I broke several ribs along with a few other related injuries. I credit my current muscle tone with not only limiting my injuries but also with my rapid recovery. The Surgeon told me I would be in considerable pain for many months, but after only 8 weeks, I am back to a limited body conditioning workout without pain and I feel I will be ready to resume limited riding in another 4 weeks.
The cost to participate in Catalyst Sports Medicine's APEX Performance Training is reasonable and as compared to maintaining my safety and lifestyle, I consider it a real bargain! Take it from a 70 something guy who is lucky to be alive!
Thanks John and JW for the encouragement, and specifically Scott Hintz for designing and helping me with a fitness and strength program which has restored my great health!

Don Rodahl
...A very grateful client

An email from one of our athlete's fathers: I just wanted to say thank you for the effort and work you are putting into training my son. I always thought he had the drive in him but you have found the key to getting it out of him. I have not seen him as excited to go to workouts and actually trying to eat better. Every time he comes home from a workout he is exhausted physically but he seems fired up about it. He speaks very highly of you. I just wanted to say thank you and let you know the positive impact you are having on him. I was not sure how this was going to be. At this point I can say this training is the best investment in training we have ever made for him. Thank you again for all the effort.


A comment from one of our APEX athlete's father: She was really excited after her workout you put her through Wednesday. She said it was the best training session yet. Thanks for helping her.


An email about the Catalyst Sports Medicine Excel morning program: I wanted to send you a "shout out" from the morning exercise crew! I have tried numerous fitness classes in my day, everything from Step to Zumba to Body Pump, etc. I've enjoyed them all... but in my opinion they don't hold a candle compared to our Excel class and training at Catalyst. I have seen awesome results in my 3 months of training.


Great feedback on our massage therapist: Pam Latterell...Where did you find her???????? DO NOT LET HER GO!!!!! Really busy so no time to think of the proper words to do her justice. Dang, I wish you had her 3 yrs ago!


Comment on Catalyst Sports Medicine PT and massage: I gave you the highest marks on my "FOTO" Survey summary and I have been telling others to get their care needs met by Catalyst Sports Medicine. I also want to come back for more Massage even if I don't need more PT.


Feedback on our PT programs and community programs: I would like to thank you for the great work your facility has done to repair my son and get him healthy again. He will be fun to watch. I would like to thank you also for the help that the boys have received thru Raider Elite. It has been a great help for them along with great role models for them to look up to. Thanks again and I hope my son doesn't need you again for a few years.


Patients appreciate our care and the people who provide it: I just wanted to thank you again for all that you have done for me. You were kind to an old man, and yet very effective with my physical therapy, I'm feeling great. Your Mom And Dad did a fine job of raising you and should be very proud. Diane and I wish you and your family the best.
Thanks again,


A note from the coach of the Hudson Swim & Dive Team: Thank you so much for your donation to our team. We will definitely get you a poster as soon as we get them! We are very thankful for the opportunity Catalyst provides our athletes with to continually improve.
We actually have 40 girls on the team, the most ever in school history! We are growing program. I try to send my athletes your way during off-season. I'm also interested in ways I can help them improve cross training wise during season as well. I will take another look at your website!
Thanks again and best wishes,


Hudson Girls' Swim and Dive Coach: Thank you very much for your personal reply. Scott was great my first time through helping me recover my ROM and strength faster than expected. I hope to work with him and your company again soon.
Best regards,


"I wanted to follow up with you after this first week. C. feels like these first couple days were good for him. He's learned a lot and a lot about himself. This week he starts wrestling practice with the HS team. The plan is for him to come home, eat, and sleep until it's time to head down to the weight room. Theoretically I am figuring he is going to be coming to work out on those days less than 100% physically. I know mentally he'll give you everything he's got but until he gets used to the schedule he will probably have some lag in how much he can lift or how fast he runs through the other drills and exercises. Then again, he might surprise everyone. He loves to challenge himself and doesn't take no for an answer when he's determined to do something. He was really pleased with his max lifts and his 40-time. Last fall during 8th grade football, his 40-time was over 10 seconds. A. will be headed to Winona State to attend the HOPE Leadership Academy there. He will miss Thursday of this week and Monday through Thursday of the following week. He will be working out while he is at Winona. I'm not sure what he has access to or how much time he has during the day to workout. They keep the kids going about 16-18 hours a day while they are there. Thank you for your help and the investment you and your staff are making in my sons' lives. We talk all the time and even when it doesn't look like they are getting it, they are. They are learning lessons that go beyond the physical."


"I think the knowledge of the staff is great! They always seem to be sharing info regarding how to better their treatments."

Anon. A.

"Scott is a WONDERFUL therapist."

Anon. A.

"I was very happy that you are taking over the neck and back program. Without it, I would have to send patients to PNBC. At first I was skeptical about the program, but after seeing many clients happy with their improvements, I believe strongly in this form of rehabilitation. I would be happy to assist you if needed."

Dr. S.A.

" give Sheri 5 stars for her massage! I've had several massages for back and shoulder pain and Sheri ranks at the top for her knowledge and her ability to relieve pain. Sheri's confidence and expertise, her responsiveness to my comments about symptoms, her understanding, and her desire to help have been a vital part of my therapy and recovery. Also, I want to thank JW for his role in my physical therapy and in helping me to avoid surgery and heal my shoulder. I really appreciated his approach to the therapy. He set up a goal, gave me some expectations and approximated a timeframe for these expectations. He coached me to keep a journal for the activities and exercise program he recommended. He listened and answered my questions, and recommended incorporating massage into his therapy program. He and Sheri helped to accelerate the healing process."


"Scott, you the man! As important as any at White Bear and you should take a lot of pride in that weight room program benefiting hundreds of kids in our community! My girls really look up to you as a coach and will remember how much you have helped them forever and I cannot tell you how much K.P. and I are so greatly appreciative of you mentoring of them. It's been so powerful what you and your staff do that has inspired and motivated my girls! Just can't thank you enough and I sincerely mean that!"


"I really appreciate the support! My knee is great by the way, all thanks to you! I am recommending you all over town!!!!"


"Greetings to our girl's great PT team! Next week is regionals and sectionals and then hopefully state! Both K. and E. have held up through the season - no issues! Just wanted to let you know. Who would have thought when she couldn't run a step in December due to her IT band problems, and didn't start running till March, right before track started, that K. would be where she is today? Well, actually, she did! She had faith in herself and worked hard. AND, she had a great team at Catalyst who got her back out there on the track!!!!! Just thought you might be interested in knowing how K. and E. have fared this season! Thanks for your help in getting them where they are today! THANK YOU!"


"I just wanted you to know that I have received rave reviews from two of Heidi’s patients, so I wanted you to know that she's doing a great job in taking care of my patients, since I have heard it now from two of my patients, whom she has treated. Keep up the great work!"

Dr. D.B.

"Scott, A quick note…the boys finished tryouts and Iver is on Varsity....Ian and Henry both on JV... Everyone thrilled to have reached their short term goal... Thanks to you, coach D. and Dan for all the help! Would not have happened without it...thanks again!"


"I've been meaning to tell you that our daughter’s Orthopaedic Surgeon at Mayo was amazed at her recovery and ability to play soccer this summer. He specifically wanted to know who the Physical Therapist was because he said her recovery would have had much to do with her PT. The Mayo Surgeon wanted to send another referral up to Catalyst Sports Medicine because of the work you are doing and the success you have had with our daughter."


"I have heard good things about Catalyst from some of my players and from some people in the community. Keep up the great work! Coach."

Brooks L.

"So glad K could get in this - on Monday night, he came home quite jazzed and a believer. 🙂 Took awhile to convince him on the class - he typically doesn't like the group thing…he says he does more and gets more out of his own workouts. Well he's converted on this one! Thanks having the double trouble B. boys L.B."


"You have a very nice place here and nice people. I've been to a few other places and it's just not the same. Looking forward to working with you following my surgery."

Anon. A.

"Thanks to Dan's recommendations, I have no pain while sleeping, and my exercises are going well."


"Thank you for your call yesterday. All of us feel we received more information from you than we did from the doctor X. saw yesterday. Thank you."


"I wish you all the best in the future. You have been an asset to SCC and to Brian!! I truly appreciate all your help, input, direction, and support the past few years. Thanks for bringing Brian through his high school sports career in one piece!! Best wishes & THANKS!!"


"I know it has been awhile since my "graduation." However, I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your whole person approach. Even though my primary problem was the left heel spur/plantar fasciitis, you noticed the slight difference in the length of my legs and offered a heel lift for my right leg as a solution. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the advice, I have noticed a significant improvement in back pain since using the heel lift. I can't say that I've been 100% pain free, I can say I've had about an 80% improvement and great reduction in ibuprofen usage. Thank you for all you do and what I call a "whole person" approach."


"My name is T.T., I am S.'s dad. I just wanted to say thank you for the effort and work you are putting into training S. I always thought he had the drive in him but you have found the key to getting it out of him. I have not seen him as excited to go to workouts and actually trying to eat better. Every time he comes home from a workout he is exhausted physically but he seems fired up about it. He speaks very highly of you. I just wanted to say thank you and let you know the positive impact you are having on S. I was not sure how this was going to be. At this point I can say this training is the best investment in training we have ever made for S. Thank you again for all the effort."


"Thank you Stacey! I can tell by the way Conner talks about you that he respects and admires you. Thank you for all you do! It's nice to have people like you in our kid's lives that we as parents wouldn't get across to them in the same way. Thanks :)"

Anon. A.

"Get signed up for Raider Elite this summer. If you want to separate yourself from the competition this summer (in all sports) this is your opportunity. Remember, opportunity lost is never regained. Yes, it requires hard work. Yes, it requires pushing yourself. Yes, it requires getting up earlier in the morning. Yes, it requires daily dedication and daily commitment...Yes, I know it won't be easy at time. BUT...when you're standing there holding up the championship trophy at the end of the season, you'll know it was all worth it! You are the lucky ones to have this great opportunity this summer...TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! Separate yourself from the competition!"

Ryan H.

"Hi JW, I just wanted to let you know what a help Sheri was for me on Monday."

Anon. A.