Turf & Tumble

Get out of the house and get active! Turf & Tumble is the perfect winter get-a-way for your little ones! Our indoor turf is over 10,000 square feet, and Monday-Friday from 9am-1pm, it is full of fun, games, and toys!

Pricing is $5 per day per child. Stop into Catalyst Sports Medicine today to buy a pass. We have multiple day pass options available. If you have any questions, call us at (715) 386-1155.

To see our Terms & Conditions for our indoor turf, click here.

Catalyst Indoor Turf Training Space Guidelines:

  1. Catalyst Sports Medicine operates a Physical Therapy clinic at the north end of the building…and a Performance Training facility in the south end of the building, both for clients and athletes of all ages.
    Please be respectful of all patients, clients and athletes while training on the turf.
  2. All athletes should enter the facility on the West side of the building through the doors, under the green sign marked: Indoor Turf Training
  3. To keep the turf in optimal condition, No food, candy, or GUM are allowed in the turf area. Water & performance drinks are encouraged for the hydration of all athletes.
  4. Footwear: Turf shoes are optimal; tennis shoes or rubber cleats are allowed. No metal (baseball, or softball style) cleats will be allowed.
  5. For HIPAA and liability compliance, athletes are not allowed in either the north PT Clinic or the south Performance Training space after hours. During the workday when employees are in and available, training athletes should be accompanied by a coach or Catalyst Sports Medicine employee when visiting PT or Performance Training.
  6. A liability waiver must be read, understood and signed before any athlete may participate in training, practice, or games, on the indoor turf. Waiver must be left at Catalyst or with your coach, prior to participation.
  7. Use only appropriate language and volumes at all times.
  8. Coaches should have their respective teams finish up with training a few minutes early to allow time to pick up gear and debris so the next coach and team may come onto the turf on their respective start time.
  9. Leave the turf in the same, or better condition, after use. ANY and ALL damage caused or created during use will be paid for by the user and may be considered reason for cancelling the indoor training space use privileges.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions for use of the turf space, please contact either Co-Owner at Catalyst Sports Medicine: