Turf and Tumble

turn and tumble

New extended hours!!! Open Monday through Friday from 9am to 1pm, now through April 28th.

Purchase your passes at the front desk!

Rain, sleet or snow day, here’s a place to come and play! Specifically designed for kids 6 and under, Turf And Tumble play sessions are the answer to the cold winter weather blues.

What is Turf And Tumble?

An indoor heated play area for kids with 10,300 sq. ft. of soft, artificial turf. Sports equipment, games & toys are provided on-site or bring your own for an all-around fun place for kids to exercise and play.

  • Engage your children in physical activity to help develop their gross motor skills and coordination
  • Get those tykes tuckered out during winter
  • Use our turf conference room to get work done or just relax
  • Parents are free! Children under 1 are free!

What’s in it for parents?

Get those tikes tuckered out during the winter season! Trade play dates with other parents so you can run errands! Use our “tyke-free” room to get work done or just relax. Parents and children under 1 are alway FREE!!!

How much does it cost per child?

Each pass = up to a 5-hour session per child. Parents and children under 1 are always free! Individual passes are $4.50, but packages are offered to save you more! Purchase 10 passes for $40, 25 passes for $93, 50 passes for $175. A 50 pass package equates to just 70 cents an hour!

Purchase your packages at the front desk of our main clinic on Hanley Rd. and bring the outdoors indoors this winter season!

Notice: Catalyst Sports Medicine does not provide facility supervision during Turf And Tumble sessions. Parents/guardians must assume the responsibility to supervise their own children or to make arrangements with other parents/guardians to ensure the monitoring of their children. It is required that parents/guardians sign a hard or electronic copy of the Catalyst Sports Medicine liability waiver prior to their first session.